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Apr 30, 2012

Rabbit Park @ Sg. Tangkas, Kajang

It was Sunday (reads: holiday) and by 4 pm, the kids were restless as usual.  I had a half day program since morning and returned home at around 3.30pm.  So, I really wasn't in the mood for any activity far away from home.  Not even to Putrajaya.  But we couldn't do injustice to the bored to death children.  Therefore, I made a quick decision to go to a small rabbit park situated some 1.5 or 2 kilometres from our house, to Angah's delight but to Along's dismay, at first.

Angah feeding a rabbit
Along soon began enjoying chasing after and feeding the rabbits.  Achik didn't even want to go close to them.  We spent about one hour there.  Another family arrived when we were just about to leave the park.  So, anyone of you looking for a little excitement for the kids but too lazy to travel far, this small park is an option.  Entrance fee is RM3 per head.  Achik's head was not counted of course :)

Achik didn't have the gut to even
go near to the rabbit

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