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Feb 21, 2011

Sibling rivalry

Yesterday was Along's school sports day, so today, is holiday for him, but not for Angah.  Knowing Angah, I know that he will insist to have a holiday too if he knows it.  So, we have to think of a strategy.  Hmm ...

When Along continued his sleep after coming back from the Subuh prayer, I asked Abah to lift him and put him in another room so that Angah will not see him when he wakes up.  It worked!  At least until Angah was about to leave the house when he suddenly stopped and asked "Abang Islah mana?"

"Hmm ...  Dia dah pergi dulu kot."  The word *kot* was put at the end to avoid myself from the guilty feeling of lying :)  Luckily, he did not ask further and just left.  One Monday morning scene avoided ;)

Feb 18, 2011

5½ month old with 2 teeth and solid foods

It is the 18th day of February and this is the first entry for February!  Err ...  That is if it managed to make its way to the blog and does not get stuck in the draft list.

Alhamdullillah, I am still breastfeeding my little princess.  But the status now has changed from 'exclusive' to 'fully' breastfeeding because she has started taking solid foods for the past two weeks.  She has scored all ticks except one in the readiness table, so I am more than happy to introduce solid foods to her without having to wait until she reaches 6 month old.  To me, the 6 month is just a guide.  It varies from baby to baby.  She has two teeth now.  So, I am confident enough that she is ready ;)

I hereby officially declare that the first breastfeeding milestone is accomplished *wink, wink*.  Alhamdulillah.

During the first week of introduction to solid foods, she consumed 16 oz a day, which meant that supply met demand and I was such a happy & relief mama.  However, she was back to her 20 oz a day routine this week *aiyook* and I begin to see empty space in the freezer.  Hopefully she retains the 20 oz amount while I figure out how I can meet the demand.  Tandem pumping perhaps?
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