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Apr 25, 2012

Pizzas DIY

We made our own pizzas last night.  Truly home made pizzas.  The recipe was taken as is from  Angah made a joke while the dough was being covered under a damp cloth.  "Syyhh.  Jangan bising.  Yis tengah tidur.  Nanti dia tak nak bangun."  Ha ha ha ...  I am sure his teacher told him so because they have cooking lesson every Friday at the kindergarten and they made doughnut once before.  Maybe he didn't even realise that it was a joke.  What a pity.

The most exciting part was the create-your-own-topping.  The one below was my 'artwork'.  I did not manage to snap Along's and Angah's designs as the pizzas quickly went into their mouths once ready :)  Well, can't blame them as we had late dinner last night due to the DIY pizzas.

Fourth pizza waiting turn to be put in the oven
Satisfied 'customers' and makers

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