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Dec 14, 2011

Angah is a big boy

Angah now ...
-packs his own clothes and toys to the nursery almost every morning.
-helps ummi in the kitchen.  Frying sausages, mixing curry paste, chopping onions & garlics (using chopper of course) ...
-helps ummi washing the clothes.  Putting the dirty clothes into the washing machine, the detergent into the slot, setting the appropriate mode and temperature ...
-consoles Achik when she cries for ummi
-scolds Achik with oh-so-brotherly tone when she is naughty.

In short, Angah is on fast track to becoming big brother without Along around :)

Dec 9, 2011

Just the three of us

Finally, Along decided to go with abah without Angah.  Alhamdulillah, after four days attending the camp, he seems to be enjoying it.  Without Along around, Angah has to assume position as ummi's personal 'assistant' :)
Spot where is Along?
We're going to have another extended weekend starting tomorrow.  I just love extended weekend (who doesn't?).  At least it gives me extra day to collect EBM for Achik.  EBM stock in the freezer is between 100 oz and 120 oz at the moment.  Insya-Allah we will not have much problem in achieving our third milestone in our breastfeeding journey.  We have to work harder to get to the fourth one though.

I also notice that Achik requests to be breastfed less frequently lately.  I think it's a sign of growing up and less dependency on breastmilk.  She only asks (read: demands) to be breastfed when she is about to sleep and when we are in the car and she doesn't have anything to do.  Most of the time, she will occupy herself with her favourite activity, making mess :p

Dec 1, 2011


Along is going to stay with Abah for the next three weeks or so.  He is going to attend a camp to improve his hafazan.  If the prospect is good, he is going to begin the new school session at a new school in Penang :)  However, Along has made a rule.  If he has to go, Angah has to go with him too.  And Angah said "No, no, no."  He has already had a 'program' here for transit children of Al Humairaa during school holiday.

Ummi is in conflict.  Why can't everybody just stay here? (or stay there?  Nghee ...).
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