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Apr 30, 2012

Rabbit Park @ Sg. Tangkas, Kajang

It was Sunday (reads: holiday) and by 4 pm, the kids were restless as usual.  I had a half day program since morning and returned home at around 3.30pm.  So, I really wasn't in the mood for any activity far away from home.  Not even to Putrajaya.  But we couldn't do injustice to the bored to death children.  Therefore, I made a quick decision to go to a small rabbit park situated some 1.5 or 2 kilometres from our house, to Angah's delight but to Along's dismay, at first.

Angah feeding a rabbit
Along soon began enjoying chasing after and feeding the rabbits.  Achik didn't even want to go close to them.  We spent about one hour there.  Another family arrived when we were just about to leave the park.  So, anyone of you looking for a little excitement for the kids but too lazy to travel far, this small park is an option.  Entrance fee is RM3 per head.  Achik's head was not counted of course :)

Achik didn't have the gut to even
go near to the rabbit

Apr 25, 2012

Pizzas DIY

We made our own pizzas last night.  Truly home made pizzas.  The recipe was taken as is from  Angah made a joke while the dough was being covered under a damp cloth.  "Syyhh.  Jangan bising.  Yis tengah tidur.  Nanti dia tak nak bangun."  Ha ha ha ...  I am sure his teacher told him so because they have cooking lesson every Friday at the kindergarten and they made doughnut once before.  Maybe he didn't even realise that it was a joke.  What a pity.

The most exciting part was the create-your-own-topping.  The one below was my 'artwork'.  I did not manage to snap Along's and Angah's designs as the pizzas quickly went into their mouths once ready :)  Well, can't blame them as we had late dinner last night due to the DIY pizzas.

Fourth pizza waiting turn to be put in the oven
Satisfied 'customers' and makers

Apr 19, 2012

The ROI for my Medela Freestyle

I bought my Medela freestyle breast pump some time in October 2010 at RM1450.  Relying on the good reputation of Medela brand, I opted to exclude warranty for cheaper price.  Alhamdulillah, the risk was worth taking.  Until now, after almost one and a half years, my Medela freestyle breast pump is still working fine.  Achik is still fully breastfed.  Assuming the cost of buying formula milk is RM100 per month (doubt it very much) if she is partially formula fed, I have roughly saved a total of RM1600!  The investment has certainly paid off, financially.  But breastfeeding is certainly worth more than that.  Full stop.

Apr 12, 2012

Diversifying my small investments

Remember my post on What can you do with 5k?  Well, I eventually took the offer and last month was the last month to pay the interest free installment.  I used the 5k to buy two shares from the stock market.  KNM bought at 2495.75 and sold at 2544.23.  Small profit of 48.48.  PATIMAS bought at 3016.50 and sold at 3480.25.  Good profit of 463.75.

Total profit: 512.23
Charges: 194
Nett profit: 318.23 + (trivial) RM equivalent of the 5000 treatpoints collected from the offer.  Not bad.

Today, I am going to start a new 'branch' of my small investment portfolio.  Gold investment :)  I have been reading about it and I think it is about time to start.

Apr 10, 2012

Power pumping (Week 3)

Day 5
On emergency leave today.  Achik had mild fever and cold.  So, no collection for today :)

Day 4
Collection from power pumping session: 2½ oz
Collection from regular pumping session: 2½ oz
Total:  5 oz*

*Fasting today :)

Day 3
Collection from power pumping session: 3½ oz
Collection from regular pumping session: 3¾ oz
Total:  7¼ oz

Day 2
Collection from power pumping session: 4 oz
Collection from regular pumping session: 3½ oz
Total:  7½ oz (record breaking!)

Day 1
Collection from power pumping session: 4 oz (record breaking!)
Collection from regular pumping session: 2½ oz
Total: 6½ oz
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