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Apr 12, 2012

Diversifying my small investments

Remember my post on What can you do with 5k?  Well, I eventually took the offer and last month was the last month to pay the interest free installment.  I used the 5k to buy two shares from the stock market.  KNM bought at 2495.75 and sold at 2544.23.  Small profit of 48.48.  PATIMAS bought at 3016.50 and sold at 3480.25.  Good profit of 463.75.

Total profit: 512.23
Charges: 194
Nett profit: 318.23 + (trivial) RM equivalent of the 5000 treatpoints collected from the offer.  Not bad.

Today, I am going to start a new 'branch' of my small investment portfolio.  Gold investment :)  I have been reading about it and I think it is about time to start.

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