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Sep 30, 2011

What can you do with 5k?

My second post on 'Money matters' topic, after the first one, which apparently was an abandoned post i.e. no further story :p  This time, I have the chance to have RM5k with the following 6-month payback schedule.

Month 1 1,027.33
Month 2 833.33
Month 3 833.33
Month 4 833.33
Month 5 833.33
Month 6 833.35

I have the choice of (1) not taking it, so I won't get and won't lose anything.  (2) Take it, save it and do nothing with it, so I will lose RM194 minus some dividend generated after the 6 months (which is obviously not much).  (3) Take it, invest it.  Hoping that it generates some if not a lot returns later.  Otherwise, loss.  Hmm ...  Risky.  So?

Sep 21, 2011

Pneumonia oh pneumonia

Having been hospitalised twice, I can't help but feel 'something' each time achik shows signs of fever or cold.  And she did that again yesterday.  She had her varicella and pneumococcal jabs last Saturday and started to have fever that evening, which I thought was due to the jabs.  But when the fever didn't go away after three days and she started to cough, that feeling came.  I did some information searching on pneumonia amongst children and here are my findings.  Credit to Info Sihat.

  • Demam panas
  • Batuk dengan atau tanpa kahak
  • Sakit dada
  • Tiada selera makan, tidak mahu makan
  • Rasa tidak sihat, sering merengek
  • Pernafasan laju atau susah bernafas
  • Muntah atau cirit-birit
Achik had only the first two symptoms when she suffered from the pneumonia.  She ate and drink milk well.  She was grumpy a bit when her body temperature was high, but back to her normal active self when it subsided.

Children who suffered from pneumonia will be hospitalised when:
  • Pernafasan laju
  • Sukar untuk bernafas
  • Bibir menjadi biru
  • Batuk berdarah
  • Tidak boleh makan atau minum atau tidak kencing

Sounds a bit too late to me.  I don't think parents should wait until the above signs appear to have their children admitted to the hospital.  Furthermore, in a number of pneumonia cases that I came across, which sadly ended with the death of the children, the only sign that the parents could see was the fever.

Prevention checklist:
  • Mengekalkan amalan cara hidup sihat - always striving for this
  • Amalan kebersihan diri dan persekitaran yang baik - this too
  • Teruskan penyusuan susu ibu - am doing it
  • Mengambil immunisasi boleh mencegah jangkitan kuman di paru-paru - done
Based on my experience, (1) always observe the number 3.  If the symptoms do not go away after 3 days, do something.  (2) take action as early as possible.  In fact, in some cases, the bacteria that infect the lungs actually come from the infected upper respiratory organs like nostrils and throat.  Therefore, early treatment can avoid them from spreading to the lower respiratory organs.

Sep 12, 2011

Salam aidilfitri 1432H

TaqabbalalLaahu minna wa min-kum.  It is not too late to wish eid mubarak to all.  Minal 'aidil wal faizin.  May Allah accepts all of our good deeds performed throughout the Ramadhan and makes us a better muslim, aamiin.

This is the second time we celebrated eid as a family of 5.  Last eid, achik was only 10 days old and barely noticeable.  This eid, she was exactly 1 year old :-).

On another development, Alhamdulillah, I have managed to get someone to look after achik at home, as a result of doctor's advice to isolate her from the nursery for at least a month due to her relapse recently.  Otherwise, I would be left with one and only option: UNPAID LEAVE.

Thank you Allah for everything that you have bestowed upon us.  May we always be amongst your obedient servants.
Salam aidilfitri! - [Limited edition. Displayed
during the month of Syawal only]
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