Money talk

May 28, 2012

About living things

We had a discussion about living things and non living things on the way back from office that day.  It started when Along asked me whether his baby crystal balls are a kind of plant or animal.

Me: Probably it's a plant.  Does it grow?
Along: Yes.
Me: Does it multiply?
Along: Yes.
Me: Then I think it most likely is a plant.
Along: Does plant multiply?
Me: Of course.  All living things multiply.  Membiak.  Beranak.
Along: (Jokingly) Then abah is a non living thing then.  Because abah does not multiply.  He does not give birth.

He he he ...  What a conclusion.

May 23, 2012

Back under a roof

Alhamdulillah, everybody is home now.  Abah and Along are back, for good, Insya-Allah.  The chapter that began ten months and twenty days ago has eventually concluded, nicely.  Life goes on as usual.  Thank you Allah for everything.

May 11, 2012

Eventful May

Year after year, May has always been a month that is full of events for us.  12th May is my mum's birthday.  17th May is Cik Mi's birthday.  20th May is our wedding anniversary.  21st May is Along's birthday.  In addition to these, we attended a 2D1N night family day event in Ipoh last weekend.  Tomorrow, I have to work (urggh!!!).  Sunday the 13th, wedding reception of a colleague to be held in KL.  Next weekend, there will be a 2D2N outdoor program that I have to attend.  But I will have to come back earlier because 20th May is Angah's kindergarten sports day.  Phew.  My hands are full already.
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