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Mar 31, 2014

Bluest Monday ever

I was hesitated this morning.  To go or not to go to the office.  Yes. I have, sometimes, that kind of privilege.  How nice.  No, I am not a businesswoman.  Well, eventually here I am.  In the office.  Sigh.

There wasn't any entry in February.  It's the last day of March today and I am not going to let March passes by without any entry.  There are many things happening indeed.  First of all, was the hot and dry season which ended some time in the middle of March.  My flower plants were struggling to survive.  They made it, Alhamdulillah.  Some barely.  And then there was this hot and still on going stories, speculations, discussions and debates on the whereabouts of MH370 that went missing since the 8th of March 2014.  I hope the passengers and crews are still alive somewhere.  I hope that they will return safely.  I believe that this whole thing is beyond electrical failure or engine malfunction or the like.  I am in the same boat with those who think that this is conspiracy.  And that one day it will reveal itself.  Hopefully soon.

And also the sad news from Egypt where 529 Muslim Brotherhood members were sentenced to death in a very unfair trial.  The time has come, where Allah will just let the thaghuts do whatever that they wish so that they will be caught red handed on the judgment day.  As said in the holy Quran.  As muslims, just don't stop praying and trying as much as we can.  The world is coming to its end.  Equip ourselves and be prepared.

Jan 28, 2014

Stone painting

This is one of my very few DIY projects for the garden.  I have twelve river stones, ten of which are being been used to create border that separates the grass and the gravels.  The remaining two are randomly placed in the garden.
Two are heavily covered in moss and need cleaning
I had recently managed to transform one of the remaining stones into an artwork that is not that artistic at all.
Before ...
Base colour donePainting began
After ...
It is now nicely placed at the still and will forever be in progress English pocket garden at our house.

Excuse the background.  The wall is in dire need of repainting.

Jan 22, 2014

Jan 13, 2014

Cameron Highlands 13 years after

It was almost the end of the school holiday and we hadn't visited anywhere yet.  Mainly it was because Along was not around until 22nd of December 2013, attending a tahfiz camp, and Angah also had school holiday programme that ended on the 20th of December 2013.  During the last weekend of the school holiday, when everybody was eventually home, we decided to go somewhere and that somewhere was ...  Cameron Highlands!

The last time I went to Cameron Highlands was 13 years ago!  No joking.  And that was on official visit to one of the hydroelectric power generation stations there arranged by the company.  I could hardly remember anything from that trip.  I was a bachelor then.  And now, I am back 13 years after with three kids.  And a husband, he he he ...

It was 28th December 2013.  We departed from home around 8 a.m. and reached Brinchang through Simpang Pulai route around noon.  It was still foggy and cold when we stopped by at Kea Farm.  We checked in at Equatorial Hotel (that is now known as Copthorne Hotel) after lunch.  The kids really enjoyed being engulfed in the mist most of the time and having vapour coming out from their mouth when they talked.  This was their very first time there.

During the 2-day trip, we managed to visit the Rose Valley, Lavender Garden, Uncle Sam Nursery, Big Red Strawberry Farm and BOH Tea Plantation and Tea House at Habu, Ringlet.  Hopefully I will have the time to share the stories later.  Just look at how long it took for me to update this on the blog "(
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