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Jun 28, 2013

How did I become a computer engineering graduate?

As if anybody care, ha ha.  Well, post SPM is the time when one would start seriously thinking about what one wants to be. In fact, it begins as early as post PMR when one has to decide whether to continue into the science stream or art stream.  For me, the decision to continue into the science stream was made because my SRP (PMR now) result qualified me to do so.  Simple.

When the SPM results were out, like others, I had to make another decision. Popular choices amongst my schoolmates from the science stream at that time were to become medical doctors.  I was like 50-50. I was not that eager to become a doctor.  And I certainly did not want to be part of something just because it was popular and famous.

The other obvious choice was engineering.  I chose chemical engineering because it sounded more feminine to me.  Next, I applied for an A-Level sposorship, hoping for a chance to study overseas.  That was the time when one of my uncles told me about the job prospect of a chemical engineer, which was not very good at that time.  Reality hit.  He suggested that I pursue computer science course instead.

Well, I spent two years in the science stream.  I could have just continued into the art stream and lead an easier life if I were to enrol into a computer science course.  I saw a bit of waste of effort there. So I insisted to do something 'engineering' and Alhamdulillah, found a good combination of both, the computer engineering course :-).

Jun 27, 2013

When the sun shines ...

Coming out from the house this morning, I noticed the bright sunshine.  After a hazy week, there was this sudden surge of relief and happiness that I could feel upon seeing the 'healthy' sun.  Alhamdulillah.  Indeed, this is the kind of feeling that I should have every morning.  Very true.  We will be reminded to better appreciate and be more thankful to everything that Allah has bestowed upon us when it was taken away from us.  Astaghfirullahal'adzim.

Jun 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday #2

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Jun 24, 2013

It's the haze (again)

Sigh.  Year after year, it is the same problem that we have to face during this time of the year.  Is there any other solution to this?  Putting our health at risk is one thing.  Unexpected closure of schools is another.  For families like us, who have no helper to rely on, impromptu action and plan are needed when such announcement is made.  Luckily, I only have a one hour lecture today.  I can still perform my duty while taking care of Along and Angah.  Leaving them unattended for one hour is still acceptable.  But I have 5 hours of lectures to deliver tomorrow!  What if the school is still close tomorrow?  I can't possible leave them alone for 5 hours.  I hope the university is also close tomorrow.  Sigh.

Jun 2, 2013

Umrah journal: Summarising Makkah

7 March 2013

The remaining 9 days of our trip were spent in Makkah.  Nada Deafah hotel where we stayed was just about 120 metres away from Masjidil Haram, making it possible for us to be there five times a day.  But with the kids, we had to take turn of course.  On one occasion, Angah was able to return to the hotel from the masjid alone!  On one of the days, we were taken to visit Jabal Nur, Jabal Thur, Arafah, and Jabal Rahmah.  The rest were spent on our own.  On the way back from the masjid, we took time to drop by at the many shops within the vicinity of the hotel.  I didn't spend much.  Well, when you have taken the whole family for the umrah trip, you just don't have much left to spend :-)

Dragging the kids along, we spent as much time as we could at the masjid, performing as many prayers and tawafs whenever possible.  In between, we took photos and strolled along the area around the masjid.  Dust resulting from the demolition of the buildings around the masjid permeated the air, preventing us from lingering around the area.

Our utmost gratitude to Allah the almighty for accepting us as His guests.  Seeing Kaabah for the first time, praying and supplicating right in front of it was an unforgettable experience.  The feeling was indescribable.  The feeling that you can't get anywhere else.  We will definitely come back.  That was what we asked during our last tawaf before leaving Makkah.  May Allah grant our wish, Amin.

Umrah journal: From Madinah to Makkah

6 March 2013

Our stay in Madinah was shorthened by one day due to slight problem with the hotel arrangement.  After spending two nights in Madinah, we visited the prophet SAW and spent few minutes at the raudhah on the third day morning.  In the afternoon, we were ready to leave Madinah in ihram attire.

The journey from Madinah to Makkah took about 6 hours with a short stop at Bir Ali mosque for performing ihram.  There wasn't much to see along the route.  Only desserts and barren hills, giving us the chance to closely imagine and contemplate the journey that our beloved prophet and his loyal companion, Abu Bakr, went through during the their migration to Madinah.  Achik slept during most of the journey, which was to my great relief.

Arriving at the Nada Deafah hotel in Makkah, we had our late dinner and and then getting prepared for our first umrah.  It was about midnight when we eventually entered Masjidil haram.  Along and Angah were already exhausted from the long journey and were dragging their feet to complete their saie. 
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