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Jul 19, 2013

Sign of judgement day (qiyamah)

As she inches closer and closer to her 3 years old check point, Achik now has a 'collection' of behaviours that, to certain extent, intolerable by her brothers.  Being bossy in the sense that everybody-must-follow-what-I-say-or-else-I-would-scream-out-loud-and-cry is one of them.  And when she starts to cry for not getting what she wants, the brothers will usually be asked or rather instructed to give in.  Somehow, this has been mistakenly translated by Along as my husband and I are following whatever that Achik says.  He warned me that day.

Along: "Ummi, jangan ikut cakap Maryam sebab itu tanda kiamat." 
           "Tanda kiamat ibu bapa ikut cakap anak-anak."

Certainly laugh of the day.  But silently of course :-)

Jul 8, 2013

Dates from Palestine for Palestine

This coming Ramadhan, we are doing some non-profit making activity by selling Medjoul dates from Palestine.  We are not getting any money out of it.  We are just helping Aqsa Syarif to reach its potential buyers.

The dates are available in two sizes, medium and jumbo.  The medium size is priced at RM32 per box and jumbo at RM35 per box.  Each box contains 500g of dates.  Medium size dates are about two third of the jumbo sized ones.  At a glance, they look almost the same.

Jumbo size (left) and medium size (right)
They are hot selling really.  My husband was allocated two cartons to sell as part of his circle project to help our brothers and sisters in Palestine.  But were are into the fifth carton already!  Profits from the sale will go to Aqsa Syarif for their projects that will benefit the Palestinian people.
They are nice!  A must try!
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