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Sep 30, 2011

What can you do with 5k?

My second post on 'Money matters' topic, after the first one, which apparently was an abandoned post i.e. no further story :p  This time, I have the chance to have RM5k with the following 6-month payback schedule.

Month 1 1,027.33
Month 2 833.33
Month 3 833.33
Month 4 833.33
Month 5 833.33
Month 6 833.35

I have the choice of (1) not taking it, so I won't get and won't lose anything.  (2) Take it, save it and do nothing with it, so I will lose RM194 minus some dividend generated after the 6 months (which is obviously not much).  (3) Take it, invest it.  Hoping that it generates some if not a lot returns later.  Otherwise, loss.  Hmm ...  Risky.  So?

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