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Apr 21, 2011

Second attempt on trial pack set B

My little (and only) princess is now entering her eighth month and Alhamdulillah, I am still able to breastfeed her fully.  The daily demand now is 16 oz.  The daily supply is either just enough to meet the demand or 1 or 2 oz short.  I usually pump over the weekend to make up for the shortness.  That is how we survive our breastfeeding journey so far.

However, with Ramadhan is just around the corner (around the corner for me because I have a total of 11 12 days of fasting to repay!), I have to start my 'repayment installment' soon.  And I am very worried.  If fasting affects the milk production, the supply will be even lower.  More over, I have to start topping up my currently 80 oz EBM stock in preparation for the coming Ramadhan.  My little princess will turn 1 year old on the first day of Aidilfitri this year, Insya-Allah :-)

Dried longans, fresh milk, dates and et cetera thus far did not show any significant improvement on my milk production.  Therefore, I have decided to have a second go at Shaklee trial pack set B for breastfeeding mothers.  This time with guided scheduled intake of the supplements from Mommy Lyna.  My first attempt didn't really work.  Hope that this time it will, Insya-Allah.

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