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Apr 19, 2011

Apple Kindergarten Sports Day

Angah had his sports day last Sunday.  So, yesterday was his turn to enjoy the extra holiday.  Along had his last February.  The crowd wasn't that big on the day, mainly due to the current spread of the contagious chicken pox disease, or so, according to his teachers.  Nevertheless, the good side of it was that Angah managed to bring home four prizes including one for replacing his absent friend and another one for unexpectedly winning the third place in a 50 meter sprint event for five years old category :-)  See ...
It says "Acara lumba lari".  Can you see?
Why did I say unexpectedly?  Not that I want to underestimate my boy.  But he wasn't prepared for that.  Or rather, his mother did not prepare him for that.  He was running in his pair of ... unauthentic croc slippers (with missing back straps)!
"Selipar kejadian"
Ha ha.  My pride.

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