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Apr 22, 2011


It is not easy to persuade Angah to go to his kindergarten every morning.  After 4 months, there are still mornings where he cries and just refuses to go.  The reason may come out of the blue and often illogic, especially after some silent moment in the car on the way to there.  So, I have learned the skill to make him occupied in a conversation all the way to the kindergarten (with a stop at the nursery to drop Achik-the-little-princess of course) so that he will not have the slightest opportunity to think about not going.  This morning, among others, we talked about his homework.  He hardly brings home any homework lately like he used to do.

Me: Eh, kenapa Azzam dah tak de homework sekarang ni ek?
Angah: Sebab kita dah pandai dah semua tuu.
Me: Ouh ..  (speechless)

Ha ha.  I am writing about this so that one day I can tell you that you once uttered these words, very confidently.  Hope that such confidence stays till you enter your tertiary education, Insya-Allah.

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