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Jan 11, 2011

More milk or thicker milk?

I only managed to express 10 oz at the office yesterday and today is thus far showing the same pattern. *Help! Help!*. Although I managed to cover the needed 2 oz through marmet technique at home last night, I should still be worried, shouldn't I?  I should be getting 12 oz from the pumping sessions at the office alone. Whatever amount that I can express at home would be a bonus :)  Luckily, help is just around the corner.  *Taraa!!!*
My Shaklee set B trial pack is here!
Packed in a cute container :)

I blogged about my intention to try dried longan juice before, which is claimed to be able to help in producing more milk.  But until now, I haven't had the chance to get them.  This Shaklee set B for breastfeeding mothers on the other hand is claimed to be able to produce milk that is thicker and richer in content.  Both share the same objective, that is to make the baby full and satisfied with just the breast milk and hence, to make exclusive breastfeeding a success, but in slightly different ways.  Hmmm ...  So, more milk or thicker milk then?  Having had problem before with EBM storage due to limited freezer space, the option of having thicker milk that makes baby feel content with lesser quantity of it sounds great ;)

I still have one more concern before I can happily try out this product though.  If the milk produced after consuming the pills is creamier and tastier, is there a possibility that the baby will refuse to drink the frozen EBM stock expressed prior to consuming the pills, which is less creamy & tasty?  Care to share your experience?  I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks for reading :)


  1. haidear...gud choice..u baca pengalaman kat sini

  2. My Dear DiyaMama

    Happy that you're proactively asking & make effort to get information about the product before consuming it. When u have enough info, you'll be more happy taking it & even better after you see the result. *clap clap* I LIKE!

    Cannot compare longan kering and BF set dear, coz longan kering provide water and calorie (BF mom need extra calorie), but this set give you more than that & added values too.

    Actually the concern of this breastfeeding set is NOT ONLY to increase your breastmilk (in term of quantity or quality, whateverlah). It is to nourish your body with sufficient nutrient, so that it can help you to produce more milk, due to:

    1- reduce your stress (by taking b complex) - stress might disturb your hormone, which involve in breast milk production

    2- give you energy (by taking b complex) - this relates to no (1) above. usually when we're tired, we tend to get hot temper.

    3- supplement your body with nutrition - we can't always rely on our food intake, unless you're taking 100% organic food, uncooked veges and obey the food pyramid.

    4- keep your body cell fit - breast milk comes from mother. so we need to keep our body fit.

    5- creamy and thick breastmilk can be due to the high protein & fat content. alfalfa containts proteins, calcium and some other minerals that help. (it's my real experience, baby drank very little but very chubby, alhamdulillah).

    Why it comes with other vitamins, not merely milk booster alone? (alfalfa) because the most important part in this process (breastfeeeding) is the mother.

    & mothers need to look good too! sufficient nutrients would make you loook good, nice skin, control hairloss, keep you happy, etc. :)

    That's why I recommend taking the full set of tis supplement. Even kilang pun kena ada routine maintenance, not only focusing on the production kan.

    But remember, the most important step in successful BF is STIMULATION. pump, pump & pump. kalau ambil the best milk booster sekalipun,it wont work without enough stimulation.

    good luck sis!

  3. As salam sis... My experience as below link. Feel free to visit... Happy breastfeeding & be happy!! always take care of ur mindset

  4. Cery,

    Which post in particular? Too many to read :)

    Mommy Lyna,

    I've been taking the supplements for 13 days and no significant improvement so far. I'm patient enough to wait :) At least until day 30 ;)

    Momma Mia,

    Thanks for sharing.


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