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Mar 28, 2011

The toughest time

Al Faatihah.  No words can describe how I feel at the moment.  The sudden lost of our beloved father, who turned from one healthy person, to the one suffering from mild stroke, to suffering from confirmed stroke, to having been discovered to have blood clot in the head, to having shortness of breath and finally left us forever, all in less than a week time!  He was in the intensive care unit for barely 2 hours when Allah took him away from us to be with Him.  May Abah rest in peace, together with the pious, the solihin.

The only Abah that we have ever had, and we certainly had the best Abah.  Insya-Allah our prayers will always accompany you, till the time comes when we are also called to be with Him.  Fasubhaanallazi biyadihii malakuutu kulli syai in wailaihi turja'un (Yaasin - the last verse).  Indeed, every body will return to Him.  It is just a matter of when. 

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