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Feb 20, 2013

The timetable of a family without a maid

UmmiAbahAlong & AngahAchik
6.00amWake up, wash clothes, iron clothes, solatWake up, bathe, solat (at the surau)Sleep(Please) sleep
6.45amPrepare breakfast (or still ironing the clothes)Prepare breakfast (if ummi doesn't)Wake up, bathe, pray, have breakfast(Please) sleep
7.15amBathe, preparing kids for schoolGetting ready for workGetting ready for school(Please) sleep
7.30amHang clothesLeaving the houseLeaving the house(Please) sleep
7.45amGetting ready for workOn the way to schoolOn the way to school(Please) wake up
8.00amLeaving the houseOn the way to office(Supposedly) At schoolLeaving the house
8.30amAt officeAt officeAt schoolAt nursery
4.00pmPickup Along & Angah from school, take them to officeAt officeAt 'office'At nursery
5.30pmLeaving the officeAt officeLeaving the 'office'At nursery
6.00pmPick up Achik, drive homeOn the way homeOn the way homeOn the way home, singing, yelling and sometimes crying
6.15pmArrive home, solat, preparing for dinnerAt office?  On the way home?Bathe, solat, freestyleBathe, freestyle
7.00pmPreparing for dinner, solat MaghribArrive home, do whatever with Achik as long as she does not disturb ummi in the kitchen, solat MaghribSolat Maghrib, hafazanFreestyle
8.00pmServe dinner, have dinnerHave dinner, then pray Isya' (at the surau)Have dinner, then pray Isya' (at the surau)Have dinner then ask people to pray Isya'
9.00pmHelp Along and Angah with exercises/attending to AchikHelp Along and Angah with exercises/attending to AchikHomework & exercisesFreestyle, making mess, watch 30 minutes with Ust. Don :-) ...
10.00pmDoing some housechoresRest with AchikFreestyleFreestyle
10.30Putting Along & Angah or Achik to sleepPutting Along & Angah or Achik to sleepSleep(Please) Sleep

How's that?  It is not of course as rigid as a duty roster, but this is how our everyday is like most of the time :-)

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