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Feb 26, 2013

Accompanying children in ward

Alhamdulillah, Achik was discharged from the hospital yesterday at 6.04 pm.  Hospital stay this time was a lot more bearable due to the short duration, the home leave and the collection of 'accessories' that we took along with us :-)
Cooking utensils ...
Cars ...
Books ...
Colour pencils ...
Bed time story book ...
I let Achik have them all at one time.  For longer hospital stay, you may want to consider not showing all of the toys at once.  Show one at a time and change when the child gets bored with the one she is currently playing with.  We also received a goodies bag filled with activity book, pen, pencil, stickers, pillow and stress cow - it's like a stress ball, but it's a cow.

Her next appointment with Dr. Khairul is on the 1st March.  I have to make sure that she recuperate well and is fit enough on that day so that she will get a clean bill of health for the umrah trip.  This will be her medication schedule for the next two days which adds up to the existing schedule that we have already had.

6.00 amrhinathiol (cold), zyrtec (flu)
8.00 amflyxotide (inhale)
10.00 amantibiotics, ventolin (inhale)
2.00 pmrhinathiol, zyrtec
4.00 pmventolin
8.00 pmflyxotide
10.00 pm antibiotics, rhinathiol, zyrtec, ventolin, singulair (diluted)
4.00 amventolin

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