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Jan 31, 2013

Umrah: Additional costs that you need to prepare

Do spare some money on top of the whatever amount that you have to pay to the travel agent.  At least three additional costs are known so far.

  1. Passport size photos
  2. Passport renewal
  3. Meningitis vaccine jab

Passport size photos are needed for passports renewal and umrah visa.  For umrah visa, the background is white.  It costs RM10 per set of four photos, without softcopies i.e. no CD given.  Passport renewal for kids below the age of 12 at the moment is RM80 for two years.  For adults, it is RM 100.  Luckily, Along's, Angah's and Abah's passports are still valid until next year.  So, only mum, Achik and I need passport renewal, the total of which is RM260.  Meningitis vaccine jabs cost sob sob RM120 per jab.  The total of RM720 for six people.

In our case, the additional costs are:
Passports renewal

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