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Jun 27, 2012

Organic soya drink for Achik

Achik is approaching 22 months old.  Although I am still expressing milk with a lot of struggle to combat laziness, I have slowly started introducing her to other milks in preparation for weaning.  After successful introduction to fresh milk (seriously, she finished all the 3 oz on the very first day I introduced it), I am going to try organic soya drink on her.  The brand is Melilea.  Well, this is the only brand that I know.  Hope that it will work just as successful as fresh milk.
Melilea organic soya drink
The recommended serving is 1 scoop for 1 oz of water.  But I am going to go for half first.  So it is going to be 1 and a half scoops for 3 oz of water.  Hmm ...  Anyone has extra scoop?

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