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Jun 5, 2012

From Allah we came ...

... and to Him we shall return.

Last Sunday, we received a heartbreaking news on the demise of Allahyarhamah Siti Hasnah Hamzah who was killed in an accident, leaving behind two very small children and a beloved husband.  I didn't know much about her, just that our kids are going to the same daycare centre.  So, once in a while, we bumped into each other, exchanging short conversations or just smiles.  Though from such short encounters, I can tell that she was the kind of mother every kid would want to have, and the dream wife of every husband.  Kind and caring.  But now, no more.  My heart broke even more when thinking about her two little children, who hardly understand anything about losing their dear mother.  Nazhan is turning into 4 years old this August and Husna is only 10 days older than Achik, and still fully breastfed like Achik.  Oh Allah, Your tests are very tough sometimes, but You didn't give them except to those whom You know can endure them (Al Baqarah: 286).  Indeed, Allah is Most Knowing.  We pray that the husband, Mr. Naufal, and the children are given all the strength that they need to make it through.  Amin.  To Allahyarhamah Hasnah, may you rest in peace with your husband's blessing, Insya-Allah.  Only this blog is left behind as memory.  Al-faatihah.

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