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Jul 1, 2011

Where there is a will, there is a way

We received a Toysrus catalogue some time last week and as usual, Along and Angah excitedly perused through each and every item on it so that they can start imagining about having them *he he he*.  One particular toy that caught Along's attention was a set of 12 (or was it 16?) LEGO figurines that are priced at RM9.90 each, the cheapest on the catalogue I guess.  He was so serious about having them that he didn't spend his pocket money for the whole of this week and asked me to pack him two slices of bread and a slice of cheese every morning.  Last two days, he told me that he could probably only manage to collect RM9 and asked me to top up another RM1.  I didn't say yes and asked him to try to get it from abah instead :)  Surprisingly yesterday, he told me that he managed to get the additional RM1 by selling something to his friend!  I was astonished.

Me: Abang jual apa?
Along: Sticker.  Sticker yang saya jumpa hari tu.  (He found a set of embossed Cartoon Network characters stickers in the kitchen cabinet that day, a free gift of a product that we bought, long time ago).
Me: Abang jual seringgit?
Along: 50 sen satu.  Saya jual dua, jadi seringgit.

I wasn't quite sure about how to react.  Proud to see how hardworking he is to achieve his goal, but at the same time worried about what would his friend's parents say.  Well, maybe I don't have to interfere into their 'business'.  It will be good Along, if you can be that serious and hardworking in your study as well :p

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