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Jul 22, 2011

Laziness sets in ...

Little did I know, accompanying a sick but behaved & slept through the nights child in a hospital ward for a week long could give a side effect that is somehow similar to the jet lag effect.  After a week of eat and sleep and no pumping in the hospital, my body (blaming the body eyh?) tended to continue the eat and sleep hospital routine, even at home.  Unfortunately, it also affects the pumping schedule.  I have lost the mood.  I only pumped once on the first day of resuming work resulting in only 4.5 oz.  BIG problem.  On the second day, I managed to force myself to pump twice, according to the schedule, but the yield was only 7 oz, 3.5 oz from each session.  Heyy ...  What's happening???  Ain't I supposed to stock up for Ramadhan which is just around the corner?  Help!!!

The bill ...  For a week stay in the hospital.

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