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May 11, 2011

Looking for what works for me

My little super slurper a.k.a Achik the little princess has been consistently consuming 16 oz of my mommylicious milk since she started taking solid food.  I am not producing that much daily, so we survive our breastfeeding journey thus far by pumping over the weekend.  Last Monday rang an alarm when she finished three and a half bottles of milk (14 oz) before noon!  As a result, I had to supply an additional 6 oz to the nursery.  A total of 22 oz a day!  Yesterday was about the same story.  She finished the three and a half bottles at about 2.15 p.m. and I decided to pick her up and return home early.  As of 2.44 pm today, there is still no sms from the babysitter asking for more milk.  Hopefully (really, really hope), it was just a growth spurt.  She is entering her 9th month now.

In the mean time, I am still searching for a milk booster that works for me.  I have tried almost everything that I can get my hands on, but none seems to work for me.  Soybean drink slightly improves production, but so very slightly that I am still hunting for other milk boosters.  Care to help, anyone?


  1. Hai dear...
    ESP (energising soy protien) also is one of shaklee milk booster together with Alfalfa. Yo can try our trial pack breast feeding set B (rm80 for 30 days).

    Do sms me 0192682709 or email me at to know details about the product.

  2. I have tried twice the set B. I don't think it works for me :(


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