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May 10, 2011

Mothers day cards

On this very special day this year, I received two cards.  One from Angah (the one on the left) and another from Along.

While the card from Along clearly says "Selamat Hari ibu!!!", I am not quite sure what Angah is trying to express.  HAPPY (AZZAM) DAY? :-)  Let's have some little inspection into each ...
Card from Angah has a big blue love pasted upside down in it.  On it, I can see cars, houses, a stick lady (is it me?  Oh my god!) and a small fruit that looks like cherry.  Can you see them?  Anything that implies mothers day?  Hmm ...
Card from Along has some wordings in it.  Let's zoom in.
Oh so touching.  I hope you really mean it.  Be a good boy and a good brother to your brother and sister okay.

Thank you very much to the both of you.  Although bringing you up is extremely challenging at most of the times, it is a responsibility that I will neither regret nor give up doing.  May Allah give me the strength that I badly need to nurture these little caliphs of us, amin.

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