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Dec 24, 2010

My journey into breastfeeding ...

I've been a silent reader to many blogs before, and only recently decided to have one of my own. From my readings, I can see that the trend amongst many mamas (and papas too?  Not sure) now is towards natural parenting, where exclusive breastfeeding and cloth diapering (is there such word?) are included in the agenda.

Giving the best to my children is always my utmost concern (the well being of my children is my primary agenda, remember?).  My journey into breastfeeding started in 2002 when I had my first child.  That was the time when expressing milk at work after your confinement period ends was rarely a practice and online and open discussions on how to handle expressed breast milk (EBM) were hardly seen. was also unheard of at that time (wasn't it?  Or was it me who was an ignorant?).  With little information, lack of knowledge and experience (zero experience of course!), I managed to exclusively breastfeed my first child for about 3 and a half months and continue breastfeeding him until he was about 2 and a half years old.

With previous experience and increased knowledge, my second child was exclusively breastfed for 4 months and continue breastfeeding until he was about one year old.  During that time, babies were introduced to solid food at 4 months old, but now I notice that the introduction is delayed to 6 months old.  New medical findings perhaps?  I am not sure  (ignorant, again!).  I discontinued breastfeeding him when I discovered that I was pregnant, only to realise later that it was actually a miscarriage.

With my third one (last one?  Not yet?), I am determined to exclusively breastfeed her (yeah, it's a her finally) for six months and to fully breastfeed her until she is 2 years old, at least.  Insya-Allah with all the information and best practices that I can find in many blogs nowadays, the target is achievable.

With the arrival of our third child, I also begin another journey ... into cloth diapering (to save RM *maa* ...). Will share with you about it later.  Too much for the first day or the first blog *huh*?  Thanks for reading ;)

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My latest journey ;)

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