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Dec 31, 2010

The challenge has come

When I picked up my baby from the nursery yesterday, the babysitter told me to increase the amount of milk in each container to 4 oz.  My baby is no longer content with the 3 oz that she gets at each serving.  Gulp.  That would mean a total of 20 oz per day since I prepare 5 containers/bottles for her daily.  You can read about the preparation here.

Despite having around 30 bottles of 4 oz to 5 oz each plus 10 MLO bottles of 2 oz each of EBM stock in the freezer, I still don't feel safe.  My daily production at the moment is between 12 oz to 15 oz, including the 3 oz expressed early morning at home.  So, 15 oz is the maximum amount that I can get, 5 oz shy of 20 oz, which is her new daily demand.  If I consistently use the additional 5 oz from the EBM stock everyday, it is going to go to zero state in about one and a half months time.  Although the babysitter plans to introduce solid to her at the age of 5 months (of which, I don't have any objection so far), that is not a guarantee that her daily intake will reduce.  It may remain the same, or worse, it may increase.  Help!

Hmm ...  How should I go about it?  I have a number items in my to-do list at the moment.

First, to have a (very) positive mindset that I can overcome the challenge and produce more milk.  For this, I read a lot about other breastfeeding mamas' experience.  Some of them have faced even worse situations than I am, and they succeeded.  Insya-Allah, I can do it too.

Second, to eat (more) properly.  I admit that I have begun to take my diet lightly.  I skipped the daily fresh milk intake that I used to have at least twice a day, the plain water before and after each pumping session and a few others.  I should return to those routines.

Third, to double pump.  Although I am a proud owner of a Medela FS, I hardly make use of its double pumping feature.  I only use its hands free feature and even pumped once while driving home :)  I am not comfortable with double pumping.  But I have to give it a try this time, hoping that it can help to increase the milk supply.

Fourth, to pump 2 times instead of once at home.  So, I have to have another pumping session in the middle of the night, which means lesser sleep.  Never mind, I will do anything for you, my dear little one :*

Fifth, to pray to Allah that He will grant me strength, patience and perseverance in undertaking all of the above.  As a muslim, we rely on Allah after all the efforts are done, right?  Insya-Allah, He will always listen to His servants.

If I have the time, I will also try out the dried longan 'juice' recipe that I read from here and the fruits that are high in Vitamin C, which I read from here.

To collect 20 oz a day maybe too much a target.  A target has to be realistic, right?  So, mine is to get around 17 oz to 18 oz a day, so as to slow down the outflow of the frozen EBM stock.  Hope it works.  Thanks for reading :)


  1. its true that longan can help you to produce more milk. kurma and sengkuang cina pun ok...=)

  2. Thanks Mamasue for dropping by. I haven't got the time to look for those natural supplements yet. At present, I am so tempted to try Shaklee set B for breastfeeding mothers. Hope it works ;)


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