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Aug 26, 2013

Guessing the colour of roses

I bought a small rose plant that day.  It was amongst the three pots of roses left in the nursery.  The soil was dry and I think it was going to be on the to-be-disposed list.  I managed to get it for the price of RM 7.  A bit expensive and not worth it maybe, but hey, this is not Sungai Buloh okay.
Fresh from the nursery
There was not a single bloom when we bought it.  After a week, it has started to have buds and shoots.  So we played a guessing game yesterday.  Along guessed that the colour of the roses is going to be white.  Angah said that is will be red roses.  And Achik said it is going to be pink.  We'll see ...  Hopefully we will be able to see the result in a couple of days.  I am kept in suspense too!
After a week

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