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Aug 19, 2013

After the long 'eid break

It's the first day of school after a long 'eid break.  Here is my to do list this morning ...

Ironing everybody's uniform/clothes
Ironing Achik's raya clothes.  She will be having a raya celebration at her nursery today.
Preparing super duper simple breakfast for Along and Angah
Packing 6 pieces of raya cookies for Angah - He requested 6 pieces and he did count them when I gave them to him!  Unbelievable.
Packing Achik's bag, including a new milk bottle and a bottle of paracetamol.  She had slight fever last night but she was fine this morning.  Just in case.
Putting Along's and Angah's shirts and slippers into the car - for change later after school.
Hang the washed clothes to dry.
Watering while checking the flower plants.

Mr. boss, please don't ask me much if I can't be in the office by 8 am :-)

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