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Apr 23, 2013

Children and politics

The election mood is certainly permeating the air.  The obvious proof is when Along is also asking questions that 'smell' politics.

"Ummi, kita mesti kena sokong PAS ke?"
"Ummi, kalau kita sokong PAS nanti kita dapat wifi percuma ye?"
"Saya nak mengundi PAS lah." - Err, you're not eligible yet, okay.
"Kalau PAS menang nanti dah tak adalah perkara-perkara yang haram yang tak elok kan?"
"Nanti siapa perdana menteri kita kalau PAS menang?"

He did ask one question about Datuk Najib, but I did not remember ...  Interestingly, why were all the questions have PAS in them?  I wonder what he has been chatting with his peers at school lately.

Achik will just comment on the many moons that she sees along the roadsides.  Few interesting facts:
During general election 11 in 2004, Along was 2 years old.
During general election 12 in 2008, Angah was 2 years old.
We're supposed to have our general election 13 in 2012, when Achik was 2 years old too.  But due to the infamous delay, we're going to have it this year when Achik is 3 years old, spoiling the figures.

Well, enjoy the moment kids.  It comes only once in 5 years.

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