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Mar 20, 2013

Umrah journal: Visiting outer Madinah

5 March 2013

We first went to Masjid Quba', the first masjid built by our beloved prophet upon reaching Madinah.  We performed tahiyatul masjid prayer and one other sunnah prayer there.  We were not given much time as there were few more places to visit after that.  From Masjid Quba', we went to Mount Uhud.  It was very hot, dry and dusty, so we didn't linger there for the sake of the kids.  The sun was shining so bright that we could hardly open our eyes.  We took few photos, visited the martyrs graves and quickly went back to the bus.

With Mount Uhud at the background

On the way to the date orchard, we passed by the Qiblatain masjid.  We didn't stop there.  According to the mutawwif, the qiblah that is facing the Masjidil Aqsa has been demolished, leaving only the one that faces the Kaabah.  We finally visited the date orchard and did some shopping there.  Dates, chocolates and nuts.  We got back to the hotel just in time for lunch.  Lunch at the hotel was superb.  At par with buffet lunches that you can find in most of the hotels here.

After Asr, we went around Masjid Nabawi to visit the Baqi' Cemetery and the Baqi' market.  While waiting for the Maghrib prayer time, we sat on a spot right in front of the green dome of the masjid, retrospecting the sirah.  The wind was blowing strongly.  The kids were enjoying themselves.  Achik was singing and dancing around.  What a place to dance!  Along and Angah were excited to see the giant umbrellas at the masjid being automatically closed during sunset.  It was a wonderful moment that we are going to cherish forever.  Already missing it =((

The lost Japanese tourist with her bodyguards :)

"It's the green dome, don't you see?"

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