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Oct 29, 2012

Me, myself and antibiotics

More often than not, antibiotics prescribed to me and my children went to the bin unopened.  If not straightaway, they eventually went there after three days.  Here in Malaysia, doctors easily prescribe antibiotics to patients.  Based on my experience in the UK, antibiotics are the last in their prescription list.  Even when I once suffered from prolonged fever and on the verge of losing my voice, the doctor was still hesitate on giving me antibiotics.

I am currently suffering from eyesore since last Monday and when the condition did not improve after three days, I eventually took the antibiotics prescribed to me three days before.  Unfortunately, the condition worsened after I took them and yesterday, after four days on antibiotics, I paid another visit to the clinic.  The doctor said that the eyesore could possibly be because of viral infection rather than bacterial infection since it did not respond to the antibiotics.  Hu ... hu ...  Can you imagine?  I hate antibiotics and when I eventually surrendered and took them, it was for nothing.

End result?  I hate antibiotics even more!

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