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Sep 12, 2012

UPSR holiday

I can't find a better name for it.  UPSR is an exam, but only for standard six students.  For other primary school pupils, it means additional holidays.  Along is one of them and I have to find a place for him to stay during the three holi-days.  Yesterday, he stayed at home.  Home Alone.  It was not the best option, especially safety wise, but he wanted it, so it was.  I only returned home in the afternoon to prepare for his lunch and mine too of course.  This morning, he wanted to go to the nursery with Achik.  I was fine with it because I did see a few other pupils who were also 'enjoying' their holidays there yesterday.  Angah will join the bandwagon after his kindergarten session ends at 12 and I can then pick them all up at one place this evening.  Nice.  Tomorrow is still a question mark.  Probably I will join him and take a holiday too :)

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