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Mar 8, 2012

On 6-999-6 formula

Daily production is less than daily demand.  That is the current status.  Therefore, we can no longer be based on daily basis, but weekly.  I am pumping only once a day during office hours now (reads: lazy), with average production between 7 oz and 8 oz daily.  That means, weekly production is between 35 oz to 40 oz.  Including 2 oz a day that I usually manage to collect over the weekends, we get a minimum of 39 oz a week.  6-999-6 formula means, Achik is taking with her 2 bottles x 3 oz on Monday, 3 bottles x 3 oz on Tuesday to Thursday and back to 2 bottles x 3 oz on Friday.  That means, a total of 39 oz a week.  Justification?  Because Achik has been and will be enjoying free flow and bottomless supply of her favourite drink over the weekend, so I think, it is okay to ration one bottle on Monday & Friday.  Yeah, we need strategy to survive the journey =)

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