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Sep 12, 2011

Salam aidilfitri 1432H

TaqabbalalLaahu minna wa min-kum.  It is not too late to wish eid mubarak to all.  Minal 'aidil wal faizin.  May Allah accepts all of our good deeds performed throughout the Ramadhan and makes us a better muslim, aamiin.

This is the second time we celebrated eid as a family of 5.  Last eid, achik was only 10 days old and barely noticeable.  This eid, she was exactly 1 year old :-).

On another development, Alhamdulillah, I have managed to get someone to look after achik at home, as a result of doctor's advice to isolate her from the nursery for at least a month due to her relapse recently.  Otherwise, I would be left with one and only option: UNPAID LEAVE.

Thank you Allah for everything that you have bestowed upon us.  May we always be amongst your obedient servants.
Salam aidilfitri! - [Limited edition. Displayed
during the month of Syawal only]

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