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Dec 9, 2013

It's spring in our little garden!

We don't have 4 seasons in Malaysia for sure.  And lately we only had downpour and drizzle.  However, when all plants in our garden are blooming, that's what I call 'spring'.
An angle that can show most of the flowers

The yellow roses, miniature daisies and orange bougainvilleas

The purple rose

The orange, pink, peach and red roses

The purple wishbone flowers

The peach roses again ...

So full that a stem can have up to five blooms at a time! 
The red roses

And the bright orange hibiscus
Due to the space constraint (sob ...  sob ...), I had to place the hibiscus and the other bougainvillea outside the fence.  They are still thriving though, because they still get the same love and care.  The roses apparently need dead heading soon.

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