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Jul 19, 2013

Sign of judgement day (qiyamah)

As she inches closer and closer to her 3 years old check point, Achik now has a 'collection' of behaviours that, to certain extent, intolerable by her brothers.  Being bossy in the sense that everybody-must-follow-what-I-say-or-else-I-would-scream-out-loud-and-cry is one of them.  And when she starts to cry for not getting what she wants, the brothers will usually be asked or rather instructed to give in.  Somehow, this has been mistakenly translated by Along as my husband and I are following whatever that Achik says.  He warned me that day.

Along: "Ummi, jangan ikut cakap Maryam sebab itu tanda kiamat." 
           "Tanda kiamat ibu bapa ikut cakap anak-anak."

Certainly laugh of the day.  But silently of course :-)

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