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Dec 26, 2012

A pre-weekend away in Malacca

It is almost the end of the long school holiday.  We travelled a lot this time.  We went to Yan, Kedah for Pak Su wedding on the 7th of December and stayed overnight there.  The homestay was nice, facing the seafront, but there was no beach though.  On the way back, we stopped by at Ipoh for another night.  We planned it that way.  So that we wouldn't be too exhausted from the long journey back.  We arrived at the Kinta Riverfront Hotel around Maghrib time and the kids spent the whole morning in the pool the next day.  Two weeks later, we found ourselves on another holiday trip.  This time to Malacca.  I had to visit my students who were doing their industrial training attachments there.  One in Alor Gajah and another in the city centre.  We spent the first night in the AFamosa Resort Hotel.  Since it was a weekday, we departed after office hour and reached there at around 9 pm.  We were at the Equatorial Hotel for the second night. 

Alhamdulillah, everybody enjoyed every bit of it, especially the pool :)  I booked a premier room and the brothers really enjoyed the daybed and the view.  Both of them slept there throughout the night with no fuss and no sound heard.  Obviously fast asleep and surprisingly, none of them fall off the bed!
The daybed in the Premier room
Achik-the-little-princess, as usual, always gets the priviledged treatment and had the whole queen size bed to herself ;)

Also fast asleep

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