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Feb 16, 2012

When Achik says 'ummi'

This is the moment that I really treasure.  When my toddlers are able to pronounce their versions of the word 'ummi'.  No doubt that pronouncing the word 'abah' is a lot easier that they could do it as early as one year old or so.  But that was without really understanding its meaning.  In the case of Achik, at her age now, 2 weeks shy of 18 months old, she would utter it with full understanding of the meaning, combined with her facial expression and demand for attention that would melt my heart.  She would come from behind, brings her face close to mine, our eyes contact and says ... "mmmmmii..., mmmmmii..."  will full effort.  Haish ...  So sweet.  She would also wake up in the middle of the night, when her mood is okay, tapping on her source of favourite drink and again ...  "mmmmiii, mmmmmmii ..."  How could you ever resist?  =)

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