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Oct 25, 2011

The price for being honest

Honesty is the best policy.  The thought of going to be on board again this evening reminds me of what happened during our previous trip to Adelaide.  During inspection at the airport, the custom officer took everything out from the luggage, including a container of rice that he evetually threw the content away :(  Then, he asked about another container, containing Angah's formula powder inside.  I was nervous, but at the same time prepared for any consequence.  I started to imagine the trouble that we might face if we had to find a replacement as we had no idea what kind of formula was available in Australia, not to mention their halal status.

My nightmare came true when the officer told us that he had to throw that powder away too.  We should have brought the one that was still sealed in its original packaging, he told us.  Suddenly, I remembered about the small amount of the same formula powder in my backpack, meant to be mixed in the plane if needed.  It somehow passed the inspection unnoticed.  Then, I naively told the officer, "Well, in that case, maybe you would want to throw this away too.", taking the small canister from the backpack and showed it to him.  *Ha ha.*  How honest.  When that small amount of powder could be the only resque if Angah really needed it later.

He then looked at me and then the canister and said, "Okay.   You can keep it."  Miracle happened!  He closed back the container lid and let us have the formula powder, both in the container and canister.  Alhamdulillah.  Being honest really paid.  In this case, immediately.  So, never hesitate to be one :)

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